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definitions regulations and guidelines

24 October 2016

Framework of articles that want to participate in conferences:

  1. Articles must be written either in Farsi or in English and they have to be carefully corrected for possible spelling and writing errors.
  2. Articles are to be written on A4 papers and they can have maximum 20 pages. They also have to be in one column.
  3. The line spacing has to be single and between each paragraph and there has to be a row distance between each paragraph’s topic and its first row. The end of each paragraph also has to be two rows away from the beginning of the next paragraph.
  4. Text distance from the edge of the paper from right and left: 2.5cm, from bottom of the page: 3cm, from the top edge of the paper (in first page): 8cm, in other pages: 3cm
  5. The article must include:
  6. Article Title (maximum ten words)
  7. Name of author or authors
  8. the post and organization’s name
  9. Email and telephone number (preferably cell phone)
  10. Keywords (maximum 7 words)
  11. An abstract which represents the topic and main subject of the article, research literature, application of the subject and results (maximum 250 words)
  12. An introduction which represents the topic and main subject of the article, research literature, application of the subject and results
  13. the explanation of article and methodology, in a way that could be reconstructed by next researchers
  14. Results section which must explain the benefits, limits, and different applications of the research
  15. References and sources

ATTENTION: the method for citing the references and sources:

In citing the references and sources, one must use the Harvard method:

Sources coming at the end of the text:

- Book:  Surname, Name, Year of Publication, Title (in Italic), Translator’s Name, Publication’s Name, Place of Publication, Edition, Page or Pages

- Article: Surname, Name, Year of Publication, Title (in Guillemot), Name of Journal (in Italic), Volume, Journal’s Number (Month or Year of Publication), Page or Pages

- Electronic Sources: Surname, Name, Year of Publication, Title (in Italic), the Exact Date of Article on Web, < Internet Address>.

Sources coming inside the text:

- (Surname, Year of Publication)

  1. The articles must be written using Microsoft Office Word 2010, for writing in Farsi use B Mitra font (size 12, except for the title parts) and Times New Roman font for writing in English (size 12, except for the title parts).

It is necessary to know that in case your article is picked out for conference or for publication; there will be more details that one must consider. Such details will be sent to the author by email.



Research Project:

Research project is a detailed report based on a scientific research methodology. Research projects are the result of a systematic research. Research projects usually have five main sections: introduction (including an overview of research and the necessity of it), literature (The theoretical investigation of hypothesis and a review of the previous studies), Methodology (including explanation of empirical model of research), findings, conclusion and offering policy guidelines.



Working Paper:

Working paper is a scientific paper or a primary technical one. Working papers are in average between 15000 to 50000 words and are usually devoted to a comparative study, needs assessment or pathology of a certain subject. They are usually focused on a certain subject or a particular case at a particular time. The author of a working paper needs to have significant knowledge or experience about his/her subject of study.

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