Presenter: Saturn Mortazavi
Key word: Changes in Unemployment Insurance
Year: 1397
Title: The Process of Changes in Unemployment Insurance in Iran's Welfare System

Introduction: Unemployment insurance protects workers against economic change, recessions, personal and trade disputes, and the economic policies of governments that led to unemployment. This book deals with the development of unemployment insurance in the world and in Iran, and has presented various documents and laws and traditions of this subject.

In this book, it has been attempted, in five chapters, to address unemployment and insurance issues deals with common patterns in the welfare system, and the treatment of these patterns with the unemployment problem, the management feature in unemployment insurance schemes and explains how to finance and the scope of the provisions in the types The plans, features and functions of the unemployment insurance system in Iran and what is the status of the unemployment insurance system in the face of labor market developments and, ultimately, the challenges and opportunities ahead.
The first chapter is devoted to theoretical and conceptual discussions and the literature on unemployment insurance. The author first defines unemployment and unemployment insurance, and deals with a variety of compulsory, optional, statutory unemployment insurance systems, etc. and reviews the various views of classics, contemporary classics and contemporary theories.
The second chapter addresses unemployment issues within the welfare system, and points to cases such as financing, liquidity constraints, regulatory scope, implications, and wage levels in unemployment insurance schemes.
The third chapter is devoted to the experience of other countries in the world. It first presents a history of unemployment insurance in liberal and communist systems, and also discusses international organization resolutions. Then reviews the experiences of countries such as Canada, the United States of America, Britain, Sweden, Japan, Egypt, Chile and etc.
The fourth chapter presents the unemployment insurance system in Iran and addresses issues such as history, legal developments and the legal characteristics of unemployment insurance, demographic and labor market developments in Iran. Then discusses government policies to confront the developments.
The fifth chapter presents a report on the performance of the Iranian insurance system and the unemployment insurance fund from the beginning to the contemporary era.
Finally, in the sixth chapter, which is the final chapter of the book, there are challenges and solutions in the field of unemployment insurance, and deals with legal, managerial and executive problems and solutions to solve them.