Presenter: Afshin Tavakoli
Key word: Employment and unemployment
Year: 1397
Title: The book of ‘Employment and unemployment in Iran: policies and trends’ released

The book of ‘Employment and unemployment in Iran: policies and trends’ released

The book of "Employment and Unemployment in Iran: Policies and Trends" by Dr Behrouz Hadi Znoz and Afshin Barmaki was published by the Publishing Department of the Institute.

This book is the results of a research project that was done by the Department of Economics and Investment of the institute, which was conducted to study the field of employment and unemployment and their impact on the Iranian Social Security Organization.

In the mutual relationship between the labor market and pension funds, increasing employment and improving labor productivity can increase the number of members and the per capita income of retirement funds, especially Iranian Social Security Organization. Therefore, the developments in the labor market directly affect the financial situation of these funds.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Theoretical Foundations, Empirical Studies and Methodology of Study
  • The population changes and its impact on population at work age and active population
  • Changes in labor demand
  • Dimensions and characteristics of unemployment in Iran's economy
  • An overview of government policies to boost production and employment creation
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of development of employment and investment at the national level
  • Development of employment and investment during the sixth development plan (1396-1400)

To prepare this book, you can contact the Social Security Research Institute, the unit of Library or call 00982188507421- extension 113