The beginning of our activities:

“The Social Security Research Institute”, the sole research center of Social Security Organization started working in 1992. Mission statement of this institute included a variety of research, educational, and consulting services as well as giving information and notification in order to improve the knowledge of social security. Ever since its establishment in 1992 this institution has always been diligently trying to provide different viewpoints and scientific solutions in order to achieve the high objectives of Social Security Organization.

The new structure:

After the recess period (November 2009 to March 2015) this institution made some alterations in its structure and now tries to play its role as the organization’s think tank with a new approach and perform as a bridge between the different institutions, organizations and domestic and foreign communities and the Social Security Organization, using all of its Infrastructures in different spheres such as “Economic and investment research”, “Social insurance”, “Actuary and insurance calculation”, “Health and treatment calculations”, “Social and cultural studies”, and “Organizational studies, management and law”.