The third session of the “Economic Health Program Evaluation” workshop was held

The public relation unit reports: Today, Sunday, March 26, the third session of the "Economic Health Program Evaluation" workshop was held at the Institute's session hall. In this meeting, Dr. Doroudi, a faculty member of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, continued to discuss the models of economic evaluation, discussing the Markov model with the use of Tree Age software.
Economic modeling and decision-making analysis techniques are widely used in economic evaluation of various health interventions, with the aim of generating valuable information in order to assist in the adoption of appropriate policies and optimal allocation of health resources.
In the current situation, the importance of this issue has increased due to the high cost of health care and the lack of financial resources that health care providers, such as the Ministry of Health and its insurance organizations, are facing. Among the models of economic evaluation, the Markov model is more applicable and has special important for experts and graduates of the healthcare industry.