The first meeting of the special workgroup on “production boom and support for Iranian goods” was held.

According to the report of the Public Relations Department of the Social Security Research Institute, the first meeting of the Specialist Workgroup on the “Production Boom and Protection of Iranian Goods” in the field of health and treatment, on Monday, May 9, in collaboration with the Association for the Promotion of Health and Management of Iranians, was held.
According to the announcing of 1398 (2019/2010) as “production boom” by the Iran Supreme Leader, the formation of a specialist workgroup on the “production boom and support of Iranian goods” in the field of social security treatment has become the agenda of the Social Security Research Institute. The workgroup with the cooperation of Iranian Health Management and Economics promotion Association, holds its meetings at the institute with the presence of prominent experts from the public and private sectors, focusing on three areas of medicine, medical and consumer goods.
In these meetings, Challenges and opportunities for each area will be investigated and identified and tried to promote and use internal medicine and medical goods and equipment to the extent that they do not harm the health of citizens. Finally, the achievements of this working group will be summarized in a brief policy paper dedicated to the field of social welfare treatment, in three areas of medicine, equipment and consumer goods.