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Department of Health and Treatment Economics

25 August 2016

The research oriented department of health and treatment economics has been a part of institute ever since its beginning of activities.  At first it was called the research group of health and treatment economics. At that time it was trying to help the process of decision making for the Social Security Organization that was the country’s largest buyer and the second largest supplier of health services. This department has done almost 70 different researches which forms 30% of total researches completed by the institution. Right now department is managed by Dr. Reza TooyserkanManesh and it has so many research projects at hand in both micro and macro levels. Applied research projects, development research projects and fundamental research projects in clinical areas, health economics and health management are just a few examples of this department’s activities. This department uses the country’s potentials in research and follows the health policies issued by the supreme leader to design and implement research projects in different fields such as health insurance, health equality, improvement of clinical guidelines and services, health and medicine technology, cost of service and resource management, tariffs and similar fields.

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