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Department of Actuarial Calculations

22 October 2016

 Social insurance is an important part of social security system in any country and an effective tool for stabilizing the level of people’s income in facing different kinds of risk in life like unemployment, illness, and senescence. Although the topic of social insurance and necessity of its expansion and availability for the economically active population is more than obvious, the system of the country’s social insurance still faces so many problems in the field of inclusiveness, adequacy, and stability. Nevertheless, there has been no coherent process of constructing the scientific literature in the country, whereas constructing theoretical and practical knowledge on social insurance subject can help solve a lot of important challenges if the social insurance system of the country. In this regard, this department is busy doing studies and researches in order to generate scientific literature and create a scientific context for the development of such insurance system and improving the system’s performance. This department is working on fundamental, practical, and strategic studies about social insurance (with both out sourcing and in sourcing projects) to achieve its goals.

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